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Chez moi..

From top - Hostel with balcony :) The room where we had the loudest snoring northerner of all time. (and Pauls duvet looks like a dog!

The budget 16bed triple bunker version. Where Botswanan chat line man told everyone about his big kimbobo!!

another buggy

World Champion!!!! Genius!!! - and some TATAs



Random sketch, lots of shadows to try hide dogey perpective



This would be easier on photoshop_

And surely I was the worst person to ask for help.

TATA buggy

Yeah it's a sports car! again

Normal car but cheap doesn't seem that appealing. But cheap toy/summer car might make fun motoring easier to rationalize for people. Choice of a TATA beach buggy or nice mountain bike?

Better do the hatch back version tho too


User types...

TATA space racer

A sculptural piece for the TATA project. The car's going to be have a laminated construction so it can employ more people to make it.

As that will make the car more expensive to produce, it will be made in a way that it can be shipped to Europe more efficiently.

A lot of the volume taken up by a car is air. And with TATA being so cheap that is poor low price per unit volume. And bad for shipping. The opposite of an expensive watch.

To counter this the car will be made up of modules (made an finished in india) that easily lock together quickly in the destination country. When disassembled each piece needs to fit together tightly like pringles for transit, so it will take up less space and be cheaper to ship.

This way price of the car can still be kept low.

The spaceship I now have to make and play with laminating fabrics and honey comb. Then actually design the car!!!!!!!!!!!!